Clarity through holographic visualization

BGC Introduces The Ada Platform™

Applied earth scientists study and solve issues in a 3D world. Yet our industry has been constrained to communicate concepts using 2D images and drawings. This makes it difficult to communicate the scale and scope of challenging projects, as well as the complex geological conditions that must be addressed to achieve project success.

As a solution, BGC has developed the Ada Platform™ (Ada): a functional software platform that enables everyone to understand applied earth science as 3D holographic models.

Through realistic 3D interactive and immersive experiences Ada removes barriers to understanding multidimensional datasets and opens a portal to visualizing and investigating data and information in unprecedented ways.

Ada combines terrain and survey data, engineering designs, and real-time computer graphics to visualize applied earth science data in 3D. With this solution, experts and non-technical stakeholders can visit a digital version of their project site at any time – past, present or future. For example, an engineered mining landscape can be visualized through to closure, allowing various groups to collaborate through a shared 3D perspective.

BGC has assembled a unique team to develop Ada, with combined expertise in both earth sciences and augmented-reality holographic visualization. We have used this expertise to develop a software platform usable today on the Microsoft HoloLens. Ada is breakthrough technology that enhances communication and understanding amongst owners, decision makers and stakeholders like never before.

What Is Ada?

BGC’s Ada is named after the inspirational Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer who realized the potential of the computing machine. Our Ada is the first 3D holographic visualization platform that has realized the potential of augmented reality in the earth sciences.

Augmented Reality and the HoloLens

Augmented reality allows people to interact with and control their experience, which facilitates the generation of a deeper understanding of 3D environments and their changes over time. Holographic visualization enables clearer communication throughout the length of the project, for participants of all backgrounds. By being able to visualize the site in 3D on a boardroom table, it will help identify, anticipate, and mitigate challenges earlier within the project lifecycle. It creates a common reality, illuminating the science, facts and evidence to help make sound decisions.

Microsoft HoloLens is a newly available technology generally accepted by technology experts as the future of interactive computing. The HoloLens is a head-mounted mobile holographic computer that allows the user to interact with 3D digital data sets and environments in their world, and collaborate with other users anywhere in the world. The HoloLens has the power to enable clearer communication in a format that is easy to understand with minimal need for interpretation.

BGC is a member of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partnership Program (MRPP). The MRPP is reserved for organizations with proven in-house skills that have successfully developed high quality augmented reality projects for clients.

Key Features

XYZ + time: View engineering plans as a 3D model from any angle and at any point in time. Clearly communicate the effects of design decisions at each stage of the active life of a project, and beyond.

Sub-surface visualization: Visualize material consolidation and fluid simulations in 3D. Give stakeholders a better understanding of how man-made geology influences landscape and groundwater conditions.  Allow experts a new way to interact with data.

Walk the landscape: Improve stakeholder understanding of the future by immersing them in a virtual tour of the site. Offer a more natural point of view to understand design decisions before moving tons of earth.

Turnaround time in days, not months: Translate datasets into immersive landscapes and 3D visualization presentations with minimal editing or setup.

Share your insights with others: Allow multiple users to view 3D visualizations together, from around the world. Build confidence and a common understanding to create a shared project vision.

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