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BGC provides design and construction services for a wide range of civil, mining, pipeline and land development projects in Canada and around the world.  The success of our projects stems from our ability to account for varied and challenging climates and subsurface conditions, and to operate in different cultures and regulatory regimes.

BGC functions in a number of different capacities for construction projects. We are experts on specific aspects of construction monitoring related to geotechnical elements. We also provide a comprehensive range of construction management services, including validation of contractor field time and review of quantities and invoices.  In addition, BGC provides assessment and design services to support construction projects while underway.

  • Facilities and Structures

    BGC has a diverse range of experience in providing construction services for the following types of facilities and structures:

    • Dams: water retaining and tailings dams
    • Diversion channels and spillways including bank armoring and erosional protection
    • Site preparation, grading and filling
    • Foundations: shallow, deep, and heavy civil foundations
    • Linear infrastructure: roads, pipelines, rail lines, and transmission lines
    • Liners: water retaining and water control structures
    • Slope stabilization and debris control measures
    • Dewatering and seepage collection systems
    • Ground improvement measures
    • Soil covers for mine waste
    • Plugging of underground openings including portals, audits and shafts.

  • Construction Services

    Some of BGC’s select construction related services include the following:

    • Preparation of Issued for Construction (IFC) drawings and technical specifications
    • Tender (bid) documents preparation and tender evaluation
    • Cost estimate reviews
    • Construction fill materials and compaction placement, including borrow identification and assessment
    • Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), including preparation of QA/QC plans for earthworks, liners and foundations
    • Resident engineering services, including Engineer of Record services, related to earthworks and foundations
    • Field laboratory testing including field lab set-up
    • Instrument installation, readings and interpretation during construction
    • Specialized construction field services including grouting, soil mixing and foundations
    • Construction records and as-built reporting
    • Construction management, including contract administration and coordination of sub-consultants.



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