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BGC provides a range of specialized engineering and geoscience services for a variety of industrial facilities, as well as commercial and municipal waste facilities. These include greenfield developments, facility expansions and facility closure. Our unique understanding of the effects of geology on engineered structures helps our clients to achieve economic solutions appropriate to the site conditions, while providing long-term security and environmental protection.

BGC’s services support siting, design, permitting, construction, operational monitoring and closure phases of industrial and waste facility life cycles. BGC’s expertise in site characterization focuses geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations for the proposed design. We have experts in hydrogeological assessments, groundwater flow and transport modelling to understand potential impacts from the proposed facility and to design appropriate monitoring programs. Our engineers provide design input regarding subgrade seepage, geomembrane liner options and containment design, along with design of leachate collection systems and covers systems. BGC has particular experience and expertise in the application of engineered controls to landfills, waste storage facilities and other industrial facilities – applied during the operational phases and closure phase of the facilities.

BGC assists with construction quality assurance programs, liner installation verification programs and specialized ground treatments such as cut-off walls. Our water resources engineers can provide guidance and input relative to the management of site water. In addition, BGC has been involved with the assessment and remediation of historical landfills where new developments and infrastructure must be constructed proximal or over historic landfill areas or where liabilities may still exist.

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