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BGC provides comprehensive Geomatics products for engineering and geosciences. Our Geomatics team is integral to the work of our engineers and geoscientists by aiding with the analysis and interpretation of data to better understand spatial dynamics. We work together as one team, fully understanding data interoperability and integration to create an environment of data sharing and cooperation for multi-format analysis. We provide technical expertise in spatial data relationships to complement engineering and geoscience analysis and build multidisciplinary, customized solutions for our clients. Our dedicated experts are grouped into four areas: CAD, Database, GIS, and Surpac.

  • Construction – Earthworks & Quantities

    Computer-aided design (CAD) is used for creating, modifying, and analyzing designs for optimization. Our CAD technicians use the latest CAD and 3D modelling software to construct solids, surfaces, and subsurface models that help engineers visualize and build designs in the field, and see projects from start to finish.

    We specialize in the following services:

    • Construction drawings, 3D designs and surface modelling – includes berms, dams, spillways, excavations, roads, and channel designs
    • Earthworks design and volumetrics
    • Geologic cross-sections with boreholes and surface interpretations
    • Hydrotechnical investigations
    • Pipeline crossing plans, cross-sections, and details
    • Foundation and pilings design drawings
    • Survey drawings to evaluate potential, existing, and future hazards.
  • Geohazard & Hydrotechnical Data Management

    Database management and web development systems help users to manage, store and query large sets of data, and make the data more useable with customization. BGC’s application developers use enterprise database systems with client-server technologies to build warning and monitoring systems for our clients.  These systems may include each part of the data path, from data capture, storage, and analysis to reporting and output.

    We specialize in building geotechnical databases such as:

    • Geohazard Management Systems
    • Borehole Logging and Reporting
    • Risk Assessment for Linear Facilities using Dynamic Segmentation
    • Flood Analysis for Regional Districts
    • Near Real-Time Slope Stability Monitoring.

    Our services include:

    • Creation of custom applications for data collection in the field
    • Secure SQL Server database programming
    • Secure Web Applications for data input, querying, and reporting
    • Desktop Applications for managing data
    • Data visualization through dynamic graphs and maps.



  • Topographic Analysis & Geotechnical Mapping

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used for creating, storing, manipulating, and managing geographical data. Our GIS analysts and technicians use the latest GIS software to build customized mapping and applications in geotechnical analysis for reporting. We provide a basis of understanding to assist engineers and geoscientists in interpreting and prescribing decisions.

    We specialize in solving spatial challenges for visualization such as:

    • Pipeline analysis for linear modelling of hazards involving slopes and streams
    • Dynamic catchment mapping using real-time stream gauge data for flood prediction and monitoring systems
    • Hydrotechnical and geotechnical hazards baseline analysis
    • Mine closure surface mapping
    • Terrain mapping and identification of surficial geology
    • Strip map series and alignment sheets
    • Pre and post processing flood/debris flow inundation modelling for mapping hazards, inundation area, and impact intensity
    • Topographic modelling – Terrain, LiDAR, TIN, DEM.

    Our services include:

    • Glacier monitoring and permafrost analysis
    • Beach modelling for tailings deposition
    • Web mapping.
  • Geology & Mining Geomorphology

    Surpac is an industry leading 3D mine modelling software that uses tools similar to CAD and GIS, and is supplemented by drill hole databases, to model geologic structures and lithology, resources, mine development, and more.  Our Surpac Operators use the latest in 3D mine modeling software for 3D problem solving, 3D spatial data interpretation, analysis, and visualization. We specialize in using Surpac to support geotechnical analysis of open pit slope stability and underground stability, modeling of the complex shapes and volumes of the internal components of tailings dams, and creating attributed 3D point datasets that can be used to add volumetric geological data to hydrogeologic engineering software models.

    We specialize in compilation of 3D model workspaces suitable for:

    • Visualization and analysis of data for fieldwork or reporting
    • Extraction of 3D spatial data attributed for analysis in other engineering software
    • Finding 3D spatial relationships between datasets
    • Supporting underground mine development and open pit slope stability analysis.

    Our services include:

    • Preparation of 3D model files suitable for 3D printing
    • Compilation and display of drill hole databases with several geological and geotechnical downhole attributes
    • Cross sections/level plans in any orientation
    • 3D modeling of surfaces and solids/design of mine structures: open pit, underground, tailings dams, etc.
    • Intersections of 3D solids and surfaces to acquire geologic/geotechnical data on open pit surfaces
    • Modeling of geological and geotechnical features: lithology, faults, structural domains.


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