Pueblo Viejo Tailings El Llagal Storage Facility

CLIENT: Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Corporation (PVDC)

LOCATION: Dominican Republic

BGC has provided design and support for the Pueblo Viejo Project from conceptual design through prefeasibility, feasibility, construction and operations from 2001 through to the present time.  Construction of the El Llagal Tailings Storage Facility commenced in 2010 with the first tailings deposition occurring in August 2012.  As of January 2015, the tailings dam is approximately 80 m high and 1 km long and the tailings are approximately 50 m deep.

The dam has been built using rock fill shells, filter materials and a locally sourced low permeability containment material consisting of sandy silt with some clay and trace gravel.

BGC has been retained to conduct a number of studies related to the ongoing construction and operation of the El Llagal Tailings Storage Facility.  Those related to the ongoing construction support include:

  • Preparation of design drawings and technical specifications
  • Tender bid assessment
  • Construction Quality Assurance services
  • Advanced laboratory testing
  • Resident Engineering Services
  • Taking instrument readings and interpretation during construction
  • Construction Records Reporting.


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