Hydrology and Hydrogeology

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Using our specialized knowledge of hydrology and hydrogeology, BGC helps our clients understand how water impacts their projects and infrastructure. We integrate our water resources expertise with our comprehensive range of engineering and applied geoscience services to provide services for a wide variety of industries, including mining, oil sands, pipelines, transportation and the public sector.

  • Monitoring & Instrumentation

    BGC provides expertise to assess the water monitoring requirements of a project and recommend appropriate monitoring programs and instrumentation. Our hydrometric monitoring capacity includes flow metering, tracer dilution gauging, and pressure transducer gauging and installation. We are well versed in the siting and installation of piezometers and monitoring wells, the design and operation of multi-level monitoring systems, and the installation and operation of groundwater monitoring instrumentation. We also have in-depth experience with data management, remote monitoring and real time web-based data.

  • Modeling

    BGC’s extensive in-house modeling capabilities and advanced data analysis and interpretation skills provide our clients with a powerful set of tools to assess and predict water resources conditions. We are experts in hydrologic and hydraulic models; essential water resource management tools used to understand surface water systems and engineer for natural or anthropogenic influences. BGC also has extensive groundwater modeling capacity, particularly applied groundwater flow and solute transport modeling used to simulate and predict subsurface conditions. With our combined surface water and groundwater expertise, BGC provides comprehensive water resource modeling services for a wide variety of industries and applications.


  • Hydrotechnical Services

    BGC provides comprehensive design, construction support and operations services specific to hydraulic issues that have the potential to impact infrastructure. We combine our specialized expertise in water resource engineering, hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, and hydrogeology to offer custom hydrotechnical engineering solutions.

    Our design services include pipeline stream crossings (proposed and existing), stream bank protection schemes, stream diversions and designs for erosion and scour protection.  We also provide site inspections, coordinate field surveys and perform hydraulic assessments.

  • Water Management

    Effective water management is a key component of successful engineering and geoscience projects. In all of our service areas, BGC has the expertise to assist clients with issues related to water sourcing, handling, recycling, and disposal, as well as water resource protection. Our advanced water management services include:

    • Groundwater supply assessments
    • Water disposal assessments
    • Water release assessments
    • Water balance assessments
    • Contaminated groundwater management
    • Hydrogeological investigations & in-situ testing
    • Surface water management plans and elements (e.g. diversions, retention ponds)
    • Isotopic age dating & tracer analyses.

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