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BGC provides a comprehensive range of geotechnical, geohazard, hydrological, hydrogeological and civil earthworks design services for all phases of power and energy projects; from scoping and pre-feasibility to environmental assessment through to detailed design, construction and operation.  Our power related expertise is broad-ranging, including services for geothermal, wind, run-of-river and conventional hydroelectric power.

  • Scoping/Pre-Feasibility

    BGC’s site characterization and baseline site survey services provide a defensible foundation of site knowledge for our clients.  Our expertise in geological and geohazard characterization and risk assessment combined with our specialized site investigation and design abilities enables sound facility layout decisions and risk mitigation planning.  This early planning, siting and preliminary design work supports early stage permitting activities..

  • Preliminary/Detailed Design

    Geotechnical designs are the core of BGC’s services. Our engineers have in-depth understanding of design requirements for a wide variety of retaining structures, foundations, slopes and excavations, including underground openings, caverns and portals.  We combine this understanding with our geological site characterization to optimize facility design decisions.  Our designs provide expert analytical considerations connected to the practicalities of geotechnical alternatives for project development and operations.


  • Terrain Analysis and Geohazard Risk Management

    BGC is a world leader in terrain analysis and geohazard risk management.  We combine our specialized knowledge of landslides, avalanches, hydrologic processes, and seismic hazards with risk management principles to highlight potential problem areas for owners from the earliest stages of project development through to operations.  Our power and energy clients depend on BGC’s geohazard risk management services to guide site and land use planning and to minimize overall project and operating risk.  For example, we have prepared reservoir impact lines for hydroelectric reservoirs to delineate zones of potential hazards, such as floods, erosion, landslides, and landslide-generated waves


  • Construction

    BGC’s engineers have hands-on construction experience in a variety of applications including power-related facilities such as the following:

    • Roads
    • Intakes, penstocks, powerhouses and transmission lines
    • Complex earthworks
    • Geosynthetics
    • Rock excavations
    • Tunnels and portals
    • Slope stabilization
    • Foundations for concrete structures.

    We provide direct assistance with quality control methods and high value quality assurance services that help to confirm our client’s construction projects are documented as complete per design requirements.


  • Operational Support

    BGC provides operational support to help clients minimize their risks.  We design and help implement hydrotechnical and geotechnical inspection programs for roads, intakes, penstocks, and transmission lines.  We are specialists in the installation and operation of ground monitoring technologies.  We also provide timely emergency response services to minimize the impacts from unexpected events, and training for operators on geohazard recognition and avoidance.


  • Independent Review

    BGC also works as an owner’s engineer to provide independent technical review of project designs or construction.  In this capacity, we evaluate designs and construction practices on the owner’s behalf, and make recommendations where applicable to the overall benefit of the project.  Areas of work have included design analysis and documentation conformance to design basis requirements, and review of construction quality control processes

  • Multi-disciplinary Services

    BGC maintains close working relationships with a network of associates and companies experienced in a wide variety of engineering and geoscience disciplines. In combination with our well-respected snow avalanche assessment and safety capacity, this network allows us to provide a team of senior professionals to work on multi-disciplinary projects on an as-required basis.  For our power and energy clients, this diversity is particularly applicable for feasibility assessments and construction projects.


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