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BGC’s world-leading abilities in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, environmental management and risk assessment are a common thread through all of our service areas.  We combine our specialized industry and earth sciences knowledge with risk management principles to highlight potential problem areas from the earliest stages of project planning and development through operations, reclamation and closure.  BGC has been a leader in risk assessment for over two decades, beginning with geohazards for linear structures and tailings dams, and continuing to evolve into foundation design, pipeline integrity, landslides and floods, mine closure and environmental aspects.  Senior BGC staff have co-authored several provincial and national professional practice guidelines for landslides and floods which are becoming the industry standard with respect to integrating risk analysis techniques into geotechnical practice.  Our staff have also produced a number of key publications in peer-reviewed international journals that are frequently quoted by scientists and practitioners alike.

BGC’s risk assessment and risk management process aligns with corporate, industry, and national and international guidelines.  We work with our clients to set up programs to identify and characterize hazards, estimate likelihoods and consequences, establish risk scenarios and assess risks.  Our risk estimation techniques include qualitative assessments using risk matrices that incorporate probabilities, consequences and risk management responses, to fully quantitative methods that employ a range of state-of-the-art measures to quantify event probability, consequence and risk.  We provide guidance on establishing risk tolerance criteria and recommendations to manage identified risks that exceed these criteria.  These options include mitigation designs, monitoring programs, and emergency response plans.

BGC’s risk management services are employed in a wide range of industry types and geological settings, including: mining, pipelines, railways, highways, hydropower and residential development; and for the full spectrum of geohazards including landslides, debris flows and debris floods, floods, liquefaction, fault ruptures, and snow avalanches. Some specific risk assessment services are as follows:

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments for engineering and environmental projects
  • Risk management and mitigation assistance, including design and monitoring
  • Specialized risk management systems for railways and pipelines, including hazard and monitoring databases
  • Independent technical reviews and site audits
  • Third party due diligence reviews.

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