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BGC recognizes the entire life cycle of valuable transportation assets and is an innovator and leader for all related stages: study and assessment, design and construction, and operation and management.  We combine our geotechnical and risk assessment expertise and industry-leading technology awareness with a strong understanding of earth processes and industry practices to provide a comprehensive array of engineering, geoscience, and risk management services.

  • Site Characterization

    BGC delivers effective site characterization services for transportation projects, including detailed air photo interpretation, mapping, data management, and design and implementation of geotechnical site investigation programs. Beyond traditional geotechnical site characterization methods, BGC is also an innovator in using remote sensing technologies from space, unmanned aerial systems, and from the ground, such as satellite imagery, radar, LiDAR and photogrammetry. BGC has the experience to deploy the correct technology from the appropriate platform to characterize geotechnical and geohazard conditions, and detect changes in conditions.  With our diverse Geomatics group, BGC has unique capabilities in database design, web site development, CAD, 3D modelling, and GIS systems to manage multi-faceted large data sets (Big Data) that result from multiple complex data streams. More importantly BGC is able to extract important conclusions from the data, and convey information in effective and useful ways to clients that go far beyond conventional paper products.

    As a complement to our consulting services, BGC operates a state-of-the-art soil and rock testing laboratory, offering a wide range of advanced geotechnical testing services to our clients. All our laboratory testing is carried out by qualified geotechnical engineers with strong backgrounds in soil and rock mechanics.

  • Geohazard Risk Assessment

    BGC’s industry leading abilities in terrain hazard, risk assessment and mitigation design are a common thread through all our service areas, helping our clients effectively manage geohazard risks on projects worldwide. In transportation work, BGC combines our specialized knowledge of landslides, hydrologic and hydrogeologic processes, seismic, and other geohazards with risk management principles to highlight potential problem areas from the earliest stages of project development through to operations. BGC’s risk management services to the transportation industry also include comprehensive site-specifi­c geological and geotechnical risk assessments, alternatives evaluation, mitigation design, and the development of emergency response plans.

  • Transportation Asset Management and Risk Communication

    BGC is an innovator and a leader in developing and delivering web-based transportation geotechnical asset management systems to owners and stakeholders that effectively communicate risk. BGC helps clients inventory their assets, associated geotechnical and hydrotechnical conditions, assess vulnerabilities and changes in performance, and make risk-based decisions on how and where to best allocate resources to achieve optimum cost-effective long-term asset management.  BGC uses web-based maps and database systems to provide powerful scalability with variable resolution and data overlays to deliver detailed site specific information on thousands of assets distributed on a regional scale – all with the ease of use of a web site. These systems are also used as a common portal for related asset management resources such as real-time condition information (e.g. instrumentation, weather, stream flow) and trigger response protocols for geohazards.

  • Geotechnical Design

    Our professionals take projects from concept to completion.   We have proven ability and capacity to deliver final designs for shallow and deep foundations, ground anchors, retaining walls, cuts, and water management structures encompassing the gamut from dams to culverts and debris flow and flood protection structures.  BGC is a world leader in applying engineering design to geotechnical asset design and remediation, and geohazard risk management solutions.  BGCs designs are based on industry standard 2-D and 3-D analysis and modeling software and have drawings developed by our CAD department, which is part of our larger Geomatics group.   BGC frequently prepares and seals construction drawings, specifications and estimates for our clients.

  • Contract and Construction Support

    BGC provides quality assurance (QA) during construction of transportation projects to safeguard the owner's investment. BGC personnel are experts at designing and implementing practical QA plans that give project owners con­fidence that designs are being built according to speci­fications and the intent of the design engineer. Our services include review of quality control (QC) documents, ­field reviews during construction, review and recommendations related to fi­eld fi­t designs, and monitoring and resolution of technical issues.  BGC can also undertake the contract administration role, if required.

  • Performance Monitoring

    BGC has the expertise to assess the geotechnical monitoring requirements of a project and design and install appropriate monitoring programs and instrumentation. We have extensive experience with installation, operation and data management for a wide variety of geotechnical instrumentation used to monitor strain, settlement, slope deformation, groundwater pressure, and tilt. In addition, BGC can set trigger levels for various parameters as a basis to automate recording, monitoring and communication of monitoring results.

    Our data management services include database and website development, including communication systems to provide warning messages if measurements are detected that are outside of predetermined trigger levels.  BGC also provides monitoring systems for transportation agencies that are used during the operation phase of a project to ensure safety and that long-term performance is as planned.  This is a key part of our asset management philosophy.

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