Environmental Controls - Landfills

CLIENT: City of Calgary


The City of Calgary owns several active and inactive landfills at various locations in and around the outskirts of the city.  The inactive landfills and older portions of the active landfills were constructed to the standards of the day; however, the City intends to upgrade the environmental controls of these facilities to better manage their potential environmental impacts.  Upgrades to these facilities have included soil vapour migration control, landfill gas controls, leachate controls, and cover system upgrades.

BGC has managed several environmental control upgrades at the City’s landfill facilities since 2011. BGC’s role has included technical direction and scoping of projects, project management on behalf of the City through design, tendering, construction and operation, as well as internal and external stakeholder engagement as required.  The following projects have been undertaken as part of this program:

  • Spyhill landfill – Stage 1 soil vapour extraction system
  • Nose Creek inactive landfill – vapour management system
  • East Calgary landfill – Leachate and landfill gas controls pilot testing
  • East Calgary landfill – Detailed site investigation
  • Shepard landfill – Leachate controls pilot testing



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