Assessment and Remediation of a Major Release of Gasoline, Diesel and MtBE

CLIENT: Confidential

LOCATION: Wicklow, New Brunswick, Canada

A highway accident at Wicklow, NB in 2004 led to the release of 51,500 litres of gasoline and diesel into the environment near the St. John River.  BGC was retained to provide assessment and remediation expertise and to act as Site Professionals under the New Brunswick Department of the Environment and Local Government's (NBDELG) contaminated sites’ management process.

Trenches were dug across the area of main impact from which free product was pumped.  Unaffected surficial soils were stockpiled, permitting access to the free product and severely contaminated soil occurring at depth.  An intrusive investigation was undertaken to determine the distribution of impacted residual soil, rock and affected groundwater.

Based on the investigative process, a free product recovery system was installed and additional steps to address the residual impacts to soil, rock and groundwater were identified.  BGC also initiated a monitoring program for groundwater and nearby domestic wells.


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