Connection is our strength.

BGC is proud of our diverse, talented team of over 600 professionals across North and South America and the Caribbean. Our team spans the fields of Engineering, Geoscience, Software Development, Geomatics, Data Science, Accounting, Administration, Health & Safety and Human Resources. 

Alongside our clients and industry partners, BGC works collaboratively as ‘One Team’, dedicated to solving the world’s most critical applied earth science challenges. The ‘One Team’ approach gives every client access to BGC’s resources, allowing the best team of professional and support staff to be assembled for each and every project, regardless of the project location. For employees, this provides opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects with diverse and highly skilled teams, and fosters an environment of mentorship and constant learning.

BGC is committed to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and a respectful workplace. We believe that we are better able to engage in the communities we are a part of if we create an openness to learn about other’s experiences. We will then have greater innovation and creativity and employees can bring their full selves to work.

At BGC, we believe in One Team, Excellence, Curiosity, Common Sense and Clarity.


At any stage of life, building your career with BGC will include working in an environment that encourages continual professional growth, through practical experience, mentoring and training opportunities. This includes opportunities for:

Co-op Placements

Summer Experience

New Graduates

Experienced Professionals


BGC is committed to maintaining a safe work environment to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and our prospective candidates. Below is more information on how BGC is responding to the challenges of COVID-19.

Does BGC have a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy?
Yes, BGC implemented a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy in May 2021 and updated the policy in September 2021. As part of working for BGC, all new hires must submit confirmation of their COVID-19 vaccinations to Human Resources in advance of the start of work. If an accommodation is required, please inform Human Resources immediately so we can consider if this is possible.

How is BGC providing a safe working environment?
A dedicated COVID-19 Emergency Response Team (ERT) meets twice weekly to discuss the evolving prevalence of the virus and public health orders and adjusts our policies as needed.

All of our offices are currently open. To accommodate those choosing to work from the office, we have implemented the following safety protocols:

  • Limited capacity in our offices and meeting rooms
  • Clear guidelines on mask wearing and social distancing for employees, visitors, and contractors
  • Frequent sanitation of the office; masks and sanitizing supplies provided for all

Our field sites are evaluated with the same rigor, with the COVID-19 ERT regularly reviewing case counts, hospital capacity, client requirements in order to protect staff and adjust field safety protocols as necessary. 

How else is BGC supporting employees during the pandemic?

  • BGC has an Emergency Response Team that is reviewing the latest COVID-19 data, public health orders, government and client restrictions, and information from the medical community and adjusting our protocols as appropriate
  • Regular town hall-style updates with BGC’s consulting physician to share information and to facilitate questions related to our COVID-19 planning
  • Required daily online survey for employees to indicate wellness and for contact tracing
  • If an employee needs to self-isolate or quarantine, we work with local office teams to ensure the employee can work from home.  The HR team will do periodic check-ins on wellness or to determine if support is required
  • All employees are provided with access to employee and family assistance programs to facilitate mental health, including counseling services

Are BGC staff working from home?
Connection is our strength and BGCers are encouraged to work from the office where possible and in accordance with local public health orders. Many of our employees are currently splitting their work weeks by working from home and the office.  BGC has a flexible workplace plan within the parameters of local public health orders. When appropriate, it is expected that employees will eventually spend a minimum of 3 days in the office each week. 

How has BGC’s interview process changed?
Our teams have adapted to facilitate interviews remotely through phone and video interviews until further notice. Some interviews may still be conducted in-person, depending on the role and comfort level of the candidate.

How has BGC’s onboarding process changed?
We are currently offering onboarding remotely and in the office. Accommodations can be provided upon request. The following safety protocols are in place to ensure our new employees’ health & safety.

  • Review of new hire preferences for onboarding – remote or in-person (depending on the requirements of the role)
  • For remote onboarding, shipment of IT and other equipment to the employee’s home, depending on the role. For in-person onboarding, sanitized equipment and workstations will be provided
  • Video orientation sessions, training and IT support for both remote and in-person onboarding.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this FAQ page, please contact BGC Human Resources.

Benefits, Wellness & Time Away

We believe in supporting the health, wellness, safety and diversity of our employees with the following benefits and programs:

  • A comprehensive benefits package including medical, life and travel insurance
  • Annual bonus program
  • Employee & Family Assistance programs
  • Maternity/Paternity leave top ups
  • Professional development and mentoring opportunities
  • Flexible workplace with office and home arrangements
  • Social and wellness activities including sports clubs and company events
  • Casual and professional work environment
Community Engagement

Founded in 2014, BGC Squared is our philanthropic branch of BGC. It is designed for our BGC employees to offer their time, expertise and resources to support causes they care about. Through partnerships with communities and organizations, employees can address earth science challenges, provide education and outreach and support fundraising initiatives.

BGC’s community development work produces far reaching and significant benefit in safeguarding the public and the environment, wherever it is most needed.

Learn more about BGC Squared.

Office Locations

Many of our current openings listed below include the flexibility to work at one of our office locations listed below:

Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Fredericton, Halifax
United States:
Golden, Colorado
Dominican Republic:
Santo Domingo

Learn more about some of our team members’ career growth at BGC:

Alex—Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Alex is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with BGC who specializes in assessing geohazards and their effects on linear infrastructure, including pipelines. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering at UBC, a Master of Environmental Engineering at Imperial College in London, and a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering at Cambridge, Alex started working for BGC 18 years ago. Six years after starting at BGC, he explored the option of leaving the geotechnical industry after seeing a job posting to be an astronaut. Having done his PhD in a relevant field with high gravity centrifuge testing, applying to be an astronaut was something that intrigued him. After discussions with his family and existing astronauts, despite his advancement through to the final rounds of the application process, Alex decided to withdraw his astronaut application and rather focus his efforts to bettering himself here on earth. Lately, Alex has been giving back to the community through his role as a member of the Canadian Heavy Urban Search and Rescue team Canada Task Force 1. Alex’s role as one of the team’s engineers is to keep the team safe in the field and work out the best way to rescue trapped individuals, whether it be following landslides, earthquakes or hurricanes.

“The best thing about working at BGC is the challenge of working on unique projects in interesting environments with technical leaders in the industry. BGC has always supported that need for excitement, whether it has been through letting me work on projects in interesting locations, on varied scopes, or even through the astronaut recruitment process or as part of the Canada Task Force 1 team.”

Kris—Communities Sector Lead

Kris is the Communities Sector Lead at BGC and has worked at the company since 2004. His role includes leading multi-disciplinary geohazards projects, risk analysis, technical review and facilitating geohazards and company strategy. Kris joined BGC shortly after completing a M.Sc. at UBC on landslide hazard assessment and initially spent most of his time on terrain and regional geohazards assessments for mining projects, development and transportation. Around 2005 he became interested in quantitative risk assessment for communities through work in Squamish and the District of North Vancouver and his work has evolved in that direction ever since. Kris says, “with BGC’s growth our projects increasingly leverage multi-disciplinary teams of specialists, and my role has shifted more towards project leadership and strategy”. When asked how BGC has helped and supported him in his role and career growth, Kris says, “I’ve always felt supported to pursue dreams and make them real at BGC, both in project work and personal development. This has included technical mentorship, but just as important, an entrepreneurial work environment with freedom to develop ideas on their merits, with minimal administrative barriers”. Kris’ favorite part about working at BGC is “the people, first and foremost. And that BGC is a vehicle to influence positive change at a level beyond anything we could accomplish as individuals. We can’t take any of this for granted. Helping shape the direction we take is really what motivates me each day at BGC”.

“With BGC’s growth, our projects increasingly leverage multi-disciplinary teams of specialists, and my role has shifted more towards project leadership and strategy.”

Kristin—Human Resources Assistant

Kristin is currently a Human Resource Assistant at BGC and has been working with the company for over seven years. She received her bachelor’s degree at UBC in Hospitality Management before starting at BGC as an Administrative Assistant in 2012. Kristin then became the Executive Assistant for President & CEO Steve Hedberg in 2014 and eventually also took on the role as the Vancouver office Administrative Manager in 2016. Just this past May, Kristin transitioned to the role of HR Assistant, as this has been a professional goal of hers for quite some time. She is currently taking classes at SFU in Human Resource Management in order to learn more in depth about her new position.

“BGC has always been very supportive of my career growth within the company. I have always felt valued and have received amazing opportunities throughout the years. BGC’s flat structure provides a greater opportunity for growth. It’s great to see a company that supports employees in growing within their areas of interest.”

Explore some of the projects that our teams have worked on: Projects – BGC Engineering.



Our global team of experts are here to provide you with sound advice and solutions to your unique earth sciences challenges.